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Artist Statement 


   In contemplating the principles of my artistic practice, I find myself in spiraling loops going down the rabbit hole of my mind created by two often conflicting desires. A continued exploration of ideas diving deeper to reach a perfect knowledge, and a retreat from exploration to indulge the fulfillment of more base desires gaining surface and superficial understanding. This conflict leads me to a sporadic work process. One day, I contemplate the problems facing our society at large. The next day, I’m reading webcomics with repetitive and formulaic stories and art. 

My art practice lives in the space between these two spaces that define my life; the real and imagined, the complex and the simple, the respectful and debased. The comedic and thoughtful ideas come from the interaction of these two spaces.

   Some of the realistic sides of my art are plants and mineral structures. From root to flowers, I find a meditative and predictive nature to plant and mineral structure, and I find enjoyment in these structures in my art. I also need to overthink much of the work I make, retaliating it to the world at large and my own experience. 

   Part of the imaginary side of my art is creating work that one can relate to and understand. My work better communicates by taking on simplistic and more recognizable forms. I would also like to integrate more pop culture elements into my practice. Wich will allow me to reach a larger audience with my thoughts.

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