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Blendy project

In this project, I plan to continue to work with blender by creating my own model using a quick creature sketch that I created and give it a short animation loop. This project will utilize a reference profile picture to trace out the model in edit mode. I will also be creating a model for the clothing of the creature and baking it in using the blender physics engine. I will add texture and color using real-world references for a more stylized texturing. Finally, I will create the animation loop using ringing and adjust my physics modeling as needed.

If time allows I would also like to try to do some modeling real-world lighting. This is so that I can give my models the correct lighting feel when projection-mapped in the real world. I will try to do this by making a rough 3D model of the real-world place then set up the lighting to resemble the place. I feel this will allow larger projection maps to carry more weight and feel more root

ed in reality despite an unrealistic design.

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